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In conjunction with a renewal under Option 1 - Mark Up to Market,  eligible projects can mark their Section 8 contract rents up to the comparable market rents as determined by a Rent Comparability Study.



Eligibility Criteria


Option One-A: Entitlement Mark-Up-To-Market Eligibility


To be eligible under Option One-A the property must meet the following criteria:


1. Property Condition. A Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) physical inspection score of 60 or above with no uncorrected Exigent Health and Safety (EHS) violations.

2.  Ownership. The property owner must be a profit-motivated or limited-distribution entity.

3.  Market Rents. The RCS must demonstrate that the comparable market rents are at or above 100% of the FMR potential. Use the FMR figures calculated for the fiscal year in which the contract is expiring to demonstrate eligibility.

4. Use Restrictions. The project does not have a low-and moderate-income use restriction that cannot be eliminated by unilateral action by the Owner. Examples of use restrictions would be the existence of a Rent Supplement Contract, prior or present Flexible Subsidy assistance, or Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.


Option One-B: Discretionary Authority Eligibility


If a property is not eligible to renew under Option One-A then they may request a waiver under option One-B.


For Owners who request participation in Option One-B, and for Owners of projects that request an increase in rents above the cap on comparable rents of 150% of FMR, HUD will consider these requests if the project meets at least one of the following three characteristics:


1.  Vulnerable Populations. The tenants of the property are a particularly vulnerable population, demonstrated by a high percentage (at least 50%) of the units rented to elderly families, disabled families, or large families (large family is defined as a family of five or more persons)

2. Vacancy Rates. The property is located in a low-vacancy market area (or in a rural area with no comparable rental housing) where there is a lack of affordable housing and where Housing Choice vouchers would be difficult to use.

3.  Community Support. The property is a high priority for the local community as demonstrated by a contribution of State or local funds to the property. This matching requirement may be in the form of tax abatements, capital improvement funds etc.


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